E-books.  How does a successful self-publisher utilize them?

      1) Make them a tool to grow interest about you.
      2) Send free chapters & email to everyone.
      3) Always, always, be working to get people wanting your printed book.

What's the difference between E-book and standard printed book?

Your page setup is the same for both.  However, photos and illustrations are handled differently.  Your E-book is saved as a PDF for easy distribution (anyone should be able to open a PDF).   

     The down side---with the influx of KINDLE by Amazon and IPad by Apple you need to decide where to best market since these WILL NOT work with standard PDF's.   Most self-publishers will be better serviced by using Amazon since you can do both E-book & offer your printed book at the same source (WARNING:  Amazon requires a hefty 50+% of the list price so be sure to factor that when deciding the sale price of the book compared to your unit production costs).

I have found Jared at Novalis to be very helpful in navigating the world of e-publishing. You can find out more about his services at: http://www.novalisdigital.com/

Contact Mike to discuss in more detail.

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